Bridge the Gap

We bridge the gap. As new and emerging technologies are developed, people envision the possibilities for applying the innovation to our lives and our businesses. Across the chasm is our objective, tangible measurable value through the correct application of the innovation. We build the bridge, and we guide our customers across it.

Better Images. Better Analysis. Better Results.

Fotocure has different operators, different UAVs, and different sensors. Experienced professionals to make sure the right tools are used for the expected results.

The Whole Picture

Providing Drones as a service for the worlds leading industries. 20 years of experience in advanced asset maintenance, video editing and post production as well as web programming and design.

Our liability. Our Insurance.

We adhere to all Transport Canada’s guidelines respecting safe operations, and hold a standing Special Flight Operations Certificate or SFOC.

Our People.

We are highly specialized group with skills including; asset consultants focusing on reliability and maintenance management, UAV pilots and professional photographers, a media designer and a software developer.

Douglas Greff

Douglas has spent 20 years working with North America’s largest organizations implementing asset management solutions, with a focus on predictive technologies and Reliability Centered Maintenance. Additionally, working in a senior role with a global technology company, he has traveled extensively managing a team of business and value consultants, evaluating current business practices, identifying opportunities, and quantifying the value of implementing transformational change.


We work in the heavy process industries such as mining, oil & gas and pulp and paper. We have a business unit that focuses exclusively on Agriculture and have unique offerings in the areas of Precision Grazing and NDVI Crop Analysis. Our Media division creates visual storytelling for advertising including video production and web design.


Remote sensing provides many new and exciting possibilities. Fotocure provides the regulatory compliance, tools and professional services needed to deliver proven value. We use a cloud based delivery platform with the performance, scalability and robustness your organization can grow with. We provide aerial remote sensing capabilities for data acquisition and thermal imaging systems for asset inspection.